One day, I brought my camera to the Tare lab.

Damnit I can't remember that mud guy's name! he had a name he did! There were people making jokes about that new guy who was just standing around not doing any work...

On a break, I strolled up to the piles, where no one was there. they had all got sent home cause it was too warm or something. LOOK AT ALL THOSE BEETS!

The factory looms over the piles...ominously, hot steam screaching out of the beet washers through a tortured pipe...yes you can hear it from all the way out here.

Minnesota winter is like a giant deep-freezer. Perfect for storing beets for the winter 'sugar campaign' which I will be working.

These could be what you put in your coffee in the morning. They thrive on pig shit. HAVE YOU EVER SEEN SO MANY BEETS?????

Back at the tare lab, Ken and Danny get ready to heave-ho some more 30 lb bags of beets around.

I got real sick of looking at these Big Bags o' Beets after a while..but still the BEETS JUST KEEP ON COMIN'!!!!

Here's the transfer station, where the beets come out of the tare lab beet washer, which is smaller and less deafening than the big factory one. Here we counted the beets in each sample and got rid of mud and rocks before they dropped into the saws.

Here in the lab, the applesauce-like slurry of beet known as 'brei' is tested for sugar and nitrate content.

the Bosses: It's Gary and Val.

OK. Now I remember! The mud guy's name was...Victor.

That was some hard ass work. From what I hear working in the factory itself is a lot more chill.