entry into Chicago, as seen from Ogden Ave, the beginning of *the famous* Rte 66...

I like how the dragon is looming over the Jesus message.

I was looking for the Chicago Public Library. This turned out to be it!

At first I was kind of annoyed that I missed a shot of this garbage truck while digging my camera out of my bag. But then I simply caught up to it...

This guy in the lower left corner seemed to time crossing the street just so he would be in the picture.

Under the El reminded me of the final car chase from the Blues Bros. I suppose that movie was my first introduction to this town.

There's a lot more to this place though.

yeah I did the tourist thing and went up into the Sears Tower.

Chicago's pretty intense from the arial view huh?

This traveler from Paris agreed with me that they should let you outside on top of the Sears Tower, like they do on the Empire State Building. But things are just not set up that way.

Chicago has a gigantic marina. Is it really a 'marina' if it's on a lake?

Unfortunately I was not comfortable enough at the time to take her picture from the front. But she sure looks great from behind!

Back on the surface there is a nice bike path along Lake Shore Drive. Here's the marina from a lot lower, and closer.

It's a good ride, that bike path. Lots to see on the way.


This lake looks even more like the ocean than the other two, but it still doesn't smell like it.

The Hancock Tower looks like an offshoot of the Sears Tower, as if it sprouted up from a long root toward Lake Michigan. Actually the Hancock actually predates the Sears by 2 years.

Yes I went to Wrigley Field. No the Cubs were not there. They were in Queens at the time, playing the Mets in Shea Stadium.

the lovely old-school water tower in downtown Chicago...

I actually bummed a cigarette off somebody just so I could get a light from this guy's head!

Hey it's that fountain from 'Married.. With Children'! aka Buckingham Fountain.

my all-time favorite shot of Chicago.

So nice I had to take it twice...

Buckingham Fountain by day, with flowers.

I thought I might record how tan and blonde I became on the trip across, but the lighting in the hotel was not cooperating. Since I don't look *too* ugly, here's the picture anyway!

I had to walk my bike through this neighborhood ;)