Bangs Canyon
The trip up to Bangs Canyon is a real bear of a hill. 5 miles up the side of a mountain! I had to stop and catch my breath a few times, but I made it up. One good thing about taking rest stops is it's a chance to take pictures! First, here are a couple of this town in which I live in.

It's often hard to show how steep a hill is in a picture, but this one seems to do the trick, somehow.

Scenery starts getting real pretty about 2/3 of the way there.

Juniper berries made an appearance!

Welp. Time to press onward...

Oh wait..I'm there! After locking up my bike and changing into some walking boots, I began walking, DOWNHILL for a change!

Mind the gap...

This is apparently the way to a mica mine. I always thought mica was cool when I was a kid.

You could almost live here.

Behold! the abominable chunk o quartz!

Right around here there was a path that seemed like it led into some piles of quartz tailings, but it was a road to nowhere. I returned and kept going down the same path.

I met a girl who was also looking for the mine and not finding it. Earlier today I read on a rock climbing site: it's a huge white can't miss it! I DONE GOT TROLLED!

The ride out was very rapid, of course. After leaving the trailhead area, I didn't stop to take any more pictures.