Then I went to Berkelely Springs, WV to visit my friend Gjen.

Here she is channeling James Dean. And what a most excellent shirt she's wearing!

I ended up taking a WHOLE LOT of pictures here! Not that places where I didn't take many pictures weren't interesting; it's more a function of whether I'm in the right mood for taking pictures and whether I remembered to bring my camera.

The story you are about to see is true. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.
My name's Friday. I carry a badge.

Actually I didn't get started taking pictures until a few days had gone by. Gjen and I decided We should go to the Paw Paw tunnel. My names Bniblet. I carry a camera.

Eventually, bicyclists became evident.

The canal runs alongside the Potomac River. If you follow that downstream, it will take you to Washington DC.

ooo here it comes!

I found the rock faces really interesting...

Watch as Gjen approaches the tunnel entrance, for perspective....

I mean, why else would she go all the way up there??

Gaping, waiting to swallow us BOTH...

Not so fast though.

Up here makes for a good photo op.

You can see so FAR from here...not much of a canal any more is it?

ooo shit. Here we go!

No turning back!

You never know just who you might meet in the Paw Paw Tunnel.

As this point I really wished we had brought a flashlight. See there was this big HOLE in the wall! I worked up the nerve to stick my hand in there and it was all SLIMY!!! It was creepy too. I thought for sure something was going to BITE me!! We both really wanted to see what it looked like in there, so I whipped out my trusty camera and we had a picture to look at. Then, we knew what it looked like in there. Now, so do you.

At last! The forbidding OTHER SIDE!

Well maybe not ALL forbidding...

I believe this was back on the first side. This rock is neat. It made for a lot of good closeup shots.

Kind of makes you want to reach out and touch it doesn't it?

Meanwhile, back in town, KEN is running for mayor. You know...KEN! Wears a shirt, sits in a chair sometimes, THAT Ken. And the workmanship! Straight outta Deputy Dawg. bwahahahaa! I love it.

Do they mean THAT Henry Miller? the AUTHOR? Is he from here? Maybe he is. Probably not. Actually I don't have a clue which Henry Miller they might mean. Maybe this guy.

If they were going to build a hard Rock Cafe in Paw Paw they would have to put it here wouldn't they?

What this? A CHURCH ...covered in some kind of SUMAC??? How marvelous!

Sorry bout the haze. I won't spare you the pictures though.

Here is Gjen in her New Beetle. Would you believe that was the only time I was ever in a New Beetle?

I was looking reeeeealy Old that day.

Speaking of old, some old guy owns a castle in Berkeley Springs. Gjen DJed a party for him once. He has a BDSM dungeon in his basement, and a wife in her 30s. Dude is like 70. I could never hope to have a life that cool.

No set of pictures is complete without a Kitten!

Here is the view from where I could get a wifi signal at Gjen's.

Berkely Springs was a nice place to visit, yet I'm not convinced I'd want to live there.

I might like to die there though.

Blairsville, PA

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