I thought I was supposed to meet some people at Mt Moriah Cemetary one morning. Due to a communications snafu, I wasn't aware that no one else was going to be there until the next day! It's all right though, as I took a lot of good pictures!

I love how overgrown a lot of it is. It reminds me a little of the Sleestack city from Land of the Lost.

Here a statue is completely encased in vines.

The intricacy of the vine growth is delicious to the eye:

That doesn't look too comfortable, does it?

awwww... These graves look like they're cuddling up to each other!

I happened upon some broken angels!

Late Winter turned out to be a good time of year for pictures here. The forlorn, deserted atmosphere is amplified by the bleak climate.

Southwest Philly neighborhoods are but a stone's throw from the bleak graveyard.

This spot almost looks inviting! It probably really IS inviting in the summer when the tree's leaves offer a shady, hidden resting place:

"Joe" seems to have been busy tagging the cemetary with very amateurish tags. I found this one amusing:

Sailors and Masons both sleep under the cold ground here.

My cup runneth over..with vines!

The Center City skyline is visible from this spot. The archetecture is ominously similar to that of the death monuments!

I happened to take a few more pictures on the way back.