After West Virginia I moseyed on up to Blairsville PA where a friend of mine is going to automotive mechanic school. He's staying in a trailer on a campground owned by Amish. They took only cash as payment, and they DIDN'T NEED TO SEE MY ID. I like that there's still places in this rotten world you can go where no one feels the need to shine a flashlight up your ass.

One striking thing about this place is the power plant dominating the landscape. Apparently it's not a nuclear plant; it's a coal burning one (nukes don't have [tall skinny] smokestacks). In fact, the guy in the next trailer over had been working installing filters on the smokestacks so the plant would be able to pass the new, more stringent emissions regulations. He's been running around busting his ass doing this for over a year straight since all the plants waited til the last possible minute to upgrade their operations.

Beneath the omnipresent power plant, within easy walking distance, a goat farm makes for some good pictures.

The last thing a chupacabra sees before it feeds:

Truth in advertising!

Blairsville was where I learned my unemployment payments were being cut off. That put a big damper on my summer plans, but I didn't let it stop me.

next stop: Brushwood

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