A quick trip to BLM land,
north on 25 Rd

The other day someone told me about BLM land, and how you can legally camp on it as long as you move your site every 2 weeks.

She said it was about 6 miles out of town. A little ways out of town, I came upon a sign that said "BLM access, 6 miles", so I thought BLM land started after 6 miles. I checked my odometer.

After about 4 miles, the road became treacherous, but I pressed on until I became very worried about making it back out, just beyond the 6 mile mark.

Here's the view back into the populated valley.

People come up here to shoot. I heard shots far far away in the distance.

I should have adopted that tire! I actually got a flat tire out of the deal, but I was already back in town when it became apparent. This tire here is probably too big for my car anyway. Well, now that I look at the picture again... maybe not! Possibly someday I will return to claim that tire.

A bird came to watch me. I took a shot from far off, so he looks kind of blurry. As soon as I took one step to get closer, he was off!

Beautiful sights to see are here at the edge of the Bookcliffs.

Well. Time to head back down! The road doesn't look nearly so bad in this picture as it is in real life. Also, those little rocks are very sharp and nasty!

On the way out, I saw a tent pitched about 2 miles in from the BLM sign. Now I think the sign means there is BLM land access for the next 6 miles. So I drove all the way to the far end! Now I think I could camp here, just not all the way up to tire popping land which runs from 4 to 6 miles up.