Just in case you didn't get enough of a windmill fix on the Modesto page, here are another metric shit-ton of them in SW Minnesota:
Well that about wraps it up for the windmills. I got off the bus in Granite Falls and rode the 17 or so miles to Renville. After I climbed up out of the Minnesota River valley, I stopped to take a couple of shots.
About 5 miles west of Renville is the little town of Sacred Heart...
Remember those 3 kittens that were born right before I left? Well one of them still lives here! Meet Charlie:
One day a cicada was shedding its nymphal shell on my bike! I had never seen that before, though I have always wanted to since I was a kid. Of course I have found the shells before but never a newly emerged adult right there.

Wow! What a trip that was! Probably next summer I will do a car trip to Texas, the South, and the East Coast, but if my car is being a pain in the ass I might just ditch that plan and bike ride west to Washington.


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