After the Mermaid Parade, I zipped up to Connecticut for a piece. Here are my sister and I the night before I helped her move. We are in the bar across the street from her new place. It's called the Ivory, and they have DOGFISH HEAD 60 MINUTE IPA ON TAP!!!111:

AND THEN. We decided to start using the flash, so you can see how I am the king of dumb faces while being photographed. Also I still have green mermaid parade paint on my shirt! I might not have even hopped in the shower yet! See how hard I work for my fans?

..well. when the flash actually went OFF you could see. Rich was taking the pictures. He's unfamiliar with my camera you see. MY CAMERA N00B!!

I really should make an animated .gif of these alternating flash-and-not shots. It would look like we were at the dumbest rave ever!

We found this mad snorgleasaurus on the front of her new place! Well. What ELSE would you call it? It looks like a power strip, only for fire hoses.

What's this? Oh. Now we're back in NEW JERSEY! My other sister, Rose, lives here these days. Here she is with my 2 nephews:

Time for some vanity shots! See, when I was in New Jersey for that little bit, I had found my amazingly waycool irridescent hat, and I wanted to take pictures of it and show it off. Plus I am getting used to how farking FAT I've become so I'm not embarrassed, well not so much. Behind me is an abstract picture done by my neice who lives in Connecticut.

My sister used to live next door to the fire station. I had to wonder what handle they used on the CB when they were in this truck. I imagine something like "DEEP SIX! THIS IS DEEP SIX! COME IN CHIEF! WE NEED MORE HOSE! MORE HOSE!" Can you tell I never worked for the fire dept?

secret lake in New Jersey

road trip 2007

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