I noticed a story in the paper about BACON DONUTS, so the next time I had money I decided to try one. It was so good I had another! While I was there I found myself wishing I had brought a camera, so the NEXT next time I had money I went back, this time with picture-taking abilities. This is the place. It's a chain. There is another Daylight Donuts in town, and I noticed a third in the ski resort of Copper Mountain, right off the interstate.

It's right across from the CMU stadium. Possibly it gets super busy in here before/after games.

Just like the last time I was here, I waited in a long (yet surprisingly fast-moving) line, which disappeared after I sat down. Maybe I should just aim for 10 minutes later.


After reading the article, I expected the bacon to be INSIDE the donuts, but it's a strip on the outside, on top of maple frosting! What a concept! I got 2 of them right away this time.

Here's some picturesque GJ scenery, as seen from the front door of North Ave Daylight Donuts. That formation in the background is called the Colorado National Monument, and I have a whole lot more pictures of it here.

more pictures at