I almost want to name this page "Julie" since EVERY PICTURE I took in Downingtown PA is a picture of Julie. I had been here the week before with a friend from New Jersey but Julie was unable to come meet up with us. She came by this time though.

We met in the Victory brewery/brewpub. Yes yet another brewpub. Can you tell I like beer?

Here she is looking lovely in her Police shirt. Shouldn't the Police do a song called "Fuck Public Enemy"? It would only be fair...

Julie has very pretty eyes :) It's yet another case of "unfortunately already married" though.

Then we went down to another bar where she likes to hang out, in downtown Downingtown. Damnit I can't remember what it was called! I want to say Jimmy's, but I could be wrong. maybe Julie will read this and then drop me a line and remind me *hint hint* ;) And then she did drop me a line and turns out it's called "Chelsy's" Ha!

Some crotchety old man started in on Julie right before closing about how she shouldn't be out, how she should be at home cleaning and cooking and taking care of the kids and what not. It was vaguely amusing until Julie got mad and laid right back into the old dude about how it wasn't 1952 any more, etc! Then I felt bad I didn't take the old dude seriously and stand up for her. But she wasn't mad at me about it. She said it wasn't my job to defend her. She was more mad at the bartender.

So in the end we parted ways. I ended up driving back to Philly where I stayed in my mobile base of operations at the FDR skate park til morning. Somehow I didn't have that vicious of a hangover when I woke.

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