First off, I returned to the Fort Street Brewery to take a better picture of the Altes Lager ad. I suppose Altes Lager is SO GOOD that while you are enjoying one, even being raped by a slobbering bear will leave you unfazed.

Then, onward into Detroit proper to visit the iconic MICHIGAN CENTRAL STATION!

Once, and perhaps still, the tallest train station ever built, I'm told it now serves as home to quite a few squatters. I didn't find the way to sneak in past the barbed wire fence, but I didn't look too hard...

Still an amazing structure, even after massive vandalism and looting.

Then, I pressed onward down Michigan Avenue into downtown, where there were some cool 20s era buildings mixed into in the mix.

Not sure if this is City Hall or the courthouse or what, but it has a definite 19th century feel. Very excellent building!

On a more modern note, here's the GM building. There was a TV show on when I was a kid (maybe it was Logan's Run, the TV series?) and this building was supposed to be the base of the enemies who were trying to get them. The show had little in common with the movie really, so maybe it was really GM who will be hunting down escapees from the domed city in the post apocolyptic future. They somehow shot the building so as to hide the logos, so apparently GM wants to keep this a secret.

Municipal art is always fun.

Is it copyright infringement to post this here?

This bridge crosses over into Canada. I have been over it in a truck several times. Did you know that when you cross to Windsor ON from Detroit, you are actually traveling south? Well, you do now.

Detroit reminds me a little of North Philly in the 90s, except with trees.

lol Juggaloes

A half abandoned miltary base is here by the river. Part of it is a park.

Spectacular urban decay, but WITH TREES! And my bike.

Many a rock has been smoked in here, no doubt.

Aaaaand again, my bike! This is what I ride on when I'm not driving a truck. I wouldn't say it's one of the "perks" of the job, but it would be if the company provided bicycles to all the drivers...

One last mystery...What is down here and why did they seal it in with a PENTAGRAM????

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