Devils Lake / Spirit Lake

Ive been at Devils Lake, ND for a few days. However the Indian reservation nearby is of the Spirit Lake Tribe and the casino is called Spirit Lake Casino. Apparently at some point Christianity has been hard at work, renaming.

This is the road that Google Maps told me to drive on to get to the town where I stayed the last couple of nights.

Guess I should've brought my boat huh?

The other side is not much drier.


Thank you very much, Captain Obvious!

This lake also eats TREES!

Fortunately, the road I am on is not "Minimum Maintenance", for I am not driving a submarine.

Oh these things RULE! You come up to one and then have to wait 15-20 minutes for the "pilot car" to come and lead you through the next several miles. There are FOUR of them on the north route past the lake. Maybe it would be faster if they used a "driver airplane".

They say the original road here is 50 feet under the water!

And the sides of the levee are very steep so if you were to drive off the edge you would just go down...down...down.