I made it back to Walnut Grove. It only took 9 hours this time. I actually noticed the farm where the site of the Ingalls dugout homestead is. Unlike the TV show, turns out the Walnut Grove site is where they had dug a house into the ground. This is the road leading to the site:
Here is the actual place where the dugout home was:
NELLIE'S CAFE! They had pretty good food. I like their "Nellie Burger" way better than I liked their breakfast the next day...
Not only did Nellie stick around, apparently Scooby Doo is here too!
I would get sick of Little House memorabelia QUICK if I lived here: here is Oleson's mercantile (it's a gift shop):
That water tower again...
Guess I was riding into the wind for so long, my face froze this way:
Then I went into the Laura Ingalls Wilder museum:
Here is an example of a dugout house kind of like what they lived in when they were here: They probably didn't have plastic sheeting over their cabinet though.
There was a huge collection of 19th century tools. Here are some:
These seed company signs are 20th century though. hm. Now that seed companies are all being bought up by GM corporations, this is likely to happen sooner or later:

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