Yesterday I decided to go visit the last "lower 48" state I hadn't been in yet: NORTH DAKOTA!

I found a cheap hotel which happened to have wifi internet. And a weird smell in the room. And a fly for a roommate! Now, the deed has been done: I have slept a night in NORTH DAKOTA.

It's pretty god damned flat out there in eastern North Dakota. Nice for bike riding, as long as the wind doesn't pick up.

Bustling downtown Fargo on Sunday morning. Picture this same scene except with one guy standing on the corner. That's what it looked like Saturday night at dinnertime.

Then I went to Bimidji, Minnesota, where there is the famous statue of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox. I thought they would be A LOT bigger. Too many tall tales I guess.
When you take pictures of tourists taking pictures, does that make you a metatourist?

Babe the Blue Ox KICKS ASS! But Paul Bunyan can go fuck himself. Don't tell him I said that though.

In the town of Akeley, I found a Paul Bunyan more to the scale I was expecting! And this one's really got it going on: He has *TWO* Babes! and neither of them are oxen. No word on if they're blue.

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