Let's start out just NW of Des Moines, Iowa. Here's an interesting name for a team eh? the HOME RAIDERS!

Yeah I know it really says "Home of the Raiders" but from a distance it looked pretty funny.

MOOO! red cows on a green field:

More pics from the lovely east central part of Iowa:

Last time I was in Cedar Rapids, Jesse told me this 'tree of the 5 seasons' always reminded her of a toilet brush! I haven't been able to get that association out of my head! But, I also neglected to take pictures of it. Not so this time!

Amazingly enough, I don't seem to have ANY more Cedar Rapids pictures from this trip! I must've been distracted...

Anyway, here is some weird flooding that was going on on the way to Iowa City.

In Iowa City, I stayed in a hotel. So did this guy:

Back on the road...south, south, ever southward, toward Missouri.

I don't know about you, but to me, this seems like a whole lot to live up to:

Storm's a-brewin'!

That storm dumped pea-sized HAIL on me! I pulled over and leaned over my sore hands, hoping it didn't get any bigger, cause there was nothing to hide under! Then it all turned to water, so I kept riding.

Dexter, IA
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