Missouri Hmm. It's beginning to look a little Missouri-like. We must be in MISSOURI!

Living proof that cell towers do not have to be disguised as 'trees' for birds to nest in them:

You may have noticed I tend to avoid taking pictures of people. For all some of my photo essays reveal, I might be the last human being on Earth! But I hadn't seen this guy in like 7 years so I had to grab a couple shots. Meet Kevin:

Kevin got a dog the last day I was there. I heard what her name ended up as afterward, but I can't remember off hand. Anyway, it wasn't any of the names Kevin was thinking of that day...
She proved really hard to get a good picture of. She would always go lick her crotch or turn around or something every time I tried to snap a shot. I did get one really good picture of her and Kevin, but he's in his underwear and I'm not sure he'd want me to post the picture on the internet! Anyway, here is the 2nd best picture I have of Kevin's dog:

After I left Columbia, MO, I followed the Katy Trail along the Missouri River for a while. There are some really cool bluffs all along the river. Here are a whole mess of pictures:

Then there was this little *house* dug into the side of the cliff!

More Katy Trail...

At Sedalia I left the bike path and headed into Kansas City on a highway. I kept noticing sings for LONE JACK which I thought was a pretty funny name for a town, not funny enough to take a picture though. But---when I saw THIS place, I just couldn't resist!

I think this is technically in Kansas. It's the barbeque place IN A GAS STATION! Oklahoma Joe's. I was expecting it to be in a *converted* gas station, so I rode by it knowing I smelled barbeque, just couldn't place where. Not pictured is the attached liquor store on the other side of the BBQ place.

Here's the inside, taken from within the gas station part, looking into the restaurant:

Sharkey's Auto Service: Where the customer is always our chum:

At Frick and Frack's bar they did this mix Boulevard beer up: Stout and Wheat beer. The stout is poured over a spoon so it will stay seperated. It's called a "Thundercloud". Pretty good. Taste wise I give it about a B.

I would say I liked this bar best of Kansas City: Buzzard Beach. They have a musty basement bar downstairs and also a breezy salty wood smelling beach bar upstairs.

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