An annual weekend camping trip, this being the second one. I did not attend the first...

A grand total of 17 people and 5 dogs were there. I only knew 4 of them from before. As I was leaving, somebody else I knew showed up, but he wasn't actually at the site at the same time as I was.

5 way marshmallow roasting! Pictures had to be taken!!!

People came from as far west as Portland, Oregon, and as far east as Ithaca, NY. I live about an hour and 10 minutes away.

The full moon wasn't supposed to be until Saturday, but on Friday night it was sure full enough. Maybe it was exactly full in the wee hours of Saturday morning? Then again it was pretty full on Saturday too, so maybe it happened during the day Saturday. Anyway, pictures.

I like taking pictures of plants. There were a lot of good plants around over the weekend.

It doesn't look it, but the fire stays hot all day. In fact, it will even ignite the new kindling this night, maybe with a little bit of blowing.


These dogs look like I felt! I had a bit of a hangover. I did in fact take a nap later that day.

Eventually, I took off for a longer the beaver pond I had heard of. Many pictures were taken on the way.

I climbed down a steep hill to find a little creek in a ravine.

Back up out of the rift, I found myself walking through a boggy area full of little boggy plants living in their little boggy world.

As I made it back to the road, people showed up, and we went back to the beaver pond.

These few were taken lying on my back.

That night, someone whipped out a SAW and started playing! How often does something like THAT happen?

I took a movie with my camera, and I would link to it here, but something went horribly wrong. Maybe something is wrong with my camera's movie abilities? More research is needed.

Soon, I became exhausted and went to bed. While beginning to doze, someone joined in on a guitar, but I didn't get up to take any pictures of that. I did, however, wake up around like 2 and found several people still up drinking lots of wine! I was still a touch hung over so I declined. But I did manage to take a couple more pictures.

All in all, a very good time was had!

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