On Friday the 13th I set out for Dubuque, the town with altogether too many u's. I was going to see Jen and Sean. I stuck around for about 3 days. I didn't take a whole lot of pictures, but I did take some. Dubuque has a low lying downtown alongside the Mississippi River, overlooked by some megarich houses on a bluff. The town extends back from the bluff edge into a low to middle class suburb complete with hospitals, strip malls, etcetcetc. It's not very bike or pedestrian friendly but I still got around. Also the roads mostly sucked, worse even than New Orleans roads. My bike survived and its new hardcore back wheel needed not so much as a trueing. Here's a shot, taken from downtown, of some houses along the bluff:

What the hell? This high school is now luxury loft apartments. I would actually like a "loft apartment" with a blackboard.

This clock tower is further up the same building...

This is Lestat. Yes I actually know a kid named "Lestat"! He was born the exact same day as some of my other friends' kid. He didn't try and bite me or anything.

Kind of a cool looking kid really.

After a weekend of a little hangin and a little partying it was time to head for Cedar Rapids, where there had just been a big huge Flood. On the way there this cellular radio microwave missile control tower on a hill struck me and I stopped to grab a few pictures. Here have 2:

next....Cedar Rapids after the flood

more pictures at bniblet.com