Moar Ireland
In one day I rode from Limerick to Tralee. 90 something km apparently. What a tourist town! Well there is a definite mall strip anyway. Here is mall central downtown, not far from the hostel where I stayed:

Soon after I got there, I met a fellow cycler. She is from Japan but lives in Dublin. Pretty, kind of shy, and not afraid of 100 mile + bike rides! Wow kind of like me, except for the pretty part ;) I was tired, but still on enough of an endorphin rush to decide to go with her to pick up some German beer at a market to the south of town.

A friendship formed? and hopefully not a single serving one? Anyway we went up to our room, which just happend to be the same room, also the same room as like 12 other people. One of them was the lovely German girl, who became our friend, hopefully not single serving friend, as well. She speaks English really well, and is a lot of fun. She needed a break from her traveling partner, who was not having a good time apparently. But I had met him earlier and he seemed all right.

Somehow my camera did not show C's tan lined hands! But I like the picture anyway.

Oh shit. Why am I hanging out with beautiful people? It makes me look extra ugly!

and..Why are they hanging out with me??? Maybe it's just that a mellow endorphin high makes me seem super cool :P Maybe that is one reason why I love to cycle so much.

Or maybe I was just lucky enough for that one night to make two beatiful friends, hopefully not single serving friends, to hang out with. Indeed we all made plans to meet up again in the future.

We all went our seperate ways the next morning. C cycled to Killarney to return her rented bike. J ended up catching a bus to the Tarbert Ferry with her erstwhile traveling partner, and I pressed onward to the Dingle Peninsula, arguably the most beautiful place in Ireland, according to many.