After leaving Blairsville, and passing through the *real* Punxatawney PA (where I did not take pictures) I made my way to Brushwood to meet a couple lj friends and hang out for a weekend at a music festival. On the way there, I actually found myself on *DUN DUN DUNNNN*

ROUTE 666!!!!!

To get to Route 666 from the south on Blue Jay Rd (unfortunately not named Blue Jay Way), you need to cross over this pretty bridge.

The bridge crosses this river, which I believe is called the Tionesta River, now that I checked a map.

If you follow Rte 666 for 6 MILES you get to "Minister Creek Campground"! How sinister! Coincidence? I THINK NOT! Needless to say, I drove the OTHER way.

MOAR Tionesta River!

I assumed (mistakenly!) that my lj friends at the OUR fest did not want their pictures taken because they have no pics of themselves on their ljs! I didn't find out I was wrong until AFTER I LEFT! But I did take a few shots of other people places and things.

This fine young lass was taking a picture of the robotic boombox spouting BOB/Subgenius propaganda. So I made to take a metatourism shot of someone else taking a picture of something. But... she caught me in the act! I like how things turned out. I also like her goofy picture-face.

Then I didn't take a picture until the NEXT DAY! Was I just having generally too good of a time to bother with taking pictures? Was I just plain lazy? or asleep? You decide what you want to believe. Only I know for sure.

In the morning, I moseyed on down the hill and there was music already going on for us early risers who were up around noon...

It's the OUTRAGEOUS UNIVERSE REVIVAL all right, just like I'd been told!

"Baby Gramps" was up, with his often-hilarious songs. Anybody who sings a song about scrotum and calls it a "hairy scary voodoo bag" is all right in my book.

Baby Gramps played quite a few sets at different times during the 2 day festival, but I only took pictures this once.

Still too early for dancing. Hell it's only like 12:30!

Maybe I should've taken more pictures there, but at the moment it seemed too much like work. Most of the time, I was having too good of a time. I did get one more shot though:

I met the artist who made this on the way out. She gave me her card. I still have it...somewhere. When I find it I'll post her web address here :P

next stop: New Jersey and Philly
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