Then I drove straight out from Connecticut to a place in New Jersey I've been requested not to name. Seems people are afraid if I post it online they will get their secret spot invaded by net-cretins or something. Also they have an inflated idea of how many people actually LOOK at my site! I'm flattered, I guess. Maybe they have a point though: Who wants to be basking in an idlyllic lake setting and have this guy suddenly show up? I mean, hey, it was bad enough that *I* showed up!

When I found the spot, I thought my friends hadn't gotten there yet. or they had already left! After all, I was 2 hours later than I had expected. Two of the people were kind of friends of friends who I don't really know all that well (although I do like them!), and they all went in one their cars, that is to say, a car I hadn't seen before. I thought I was on the lookout for a red car, but it was really blue. or have I got it reversed? There were 3 or 4 cars present, none red (or blue as the case may be). I decided to go and have a look around. After all, it might make for some good pictures!

This is for all the people who think New Jersey is nothing but a wasteland of oil refineries and toxic waste dumps. Obviously not true.

I had heard about the bad Gypsy Moth infestation that year. I didn't hear a sound like a rain of caterpillar poop. but then again I didn't listen that hard for it. I did find visual evidence of gypsy moths though. All stages of the life cycle were represented. Here are some pupae and adults:

More pupae and adults, and also a larva (caterillar)

I never realized they pupate in the bark. Also they seem to prefer the trees with lichens growing on them. This is kind of reassuring, as they are going after trees which are already sick.

The caterpillars eat a lot of leaves.

This tree's been dead a while. It posed for a few good shots.

Contrary to what I had heard, not all the trees are getting devoured like a Biblical plague.

I think these are Gypsy Moth eggs, but I could be wrong.

Oh wait! At the lake are the people I came here to see, and one of them is FISHING!

It's a man-made lake. Note the earthen dam.

I did get in the water, briefly. I am not really into getting wet so I soon grew tired of the water. Instead, I decided to walk all the way AROUND the lake, cause I'm just that kind of guy.

Pretty much diametrically opposite them, across the lake and down the other end, I found a flight of stairs to NOWHERE!

Downstairs was a lot of plant life just waiting to be captured and copied as a whole slew of 1's and 0's.

...and a butterfly. No gypsy moths were evident.

A bit further on was the little brook that feeds the lake.

I made it to the other side! I crossed over at a narrow spot with rocks, perfect to step over on.

Now heading back to where my pals were swimming...

buh-byeeee! Was this the last time I saw them? Nawwww. I must have seen them after this! There are about 200 pictures yet to go! I guess I'll find out for sure when I sort through those pictures.

FDR park, South Philly

road trip 2007

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