AT LONG LAST, I have with me here that set of pictures from the WalMart fiasco! The limekiln pictures this time around came out a lot better than the first set. But first, here are some pictures taken the same day as these:

Never mind the white area to the's merely the end of the roll.


Now onward into the Kiln...I believe this is the scale dumping into the skip:

Pret-ty dusty in there.

Somehow I don't remember it being *this* dismal and dungeonny in real life! It gives me second thoughts about going back!

The mighty skip hauling yet another ton of rocks up to the kilns...

It's kind of hard to tell, but I think this next one is toward the bottom of one of the 2 80-foot-tall lava-lamp-shaped kilns...

Here is what I saw every time I went out the east door. It's the pellet loadout station!

Back inside it's GODDAMN DUSTY! Sometimes I went through 10 dust masks per day.

This was probably about half way up a kiln. There were 5 catwalks above the ground floor. It seemed to get dustier the farther up you went.

Here we are at the very top level. Sometimes I would have to come up here to sweep, or else to pound on the chute inside the kiln with a pole to help stuck rock fall down...

Empty skip on the way down to pick up another load.

I sure wouldn't want to be underneath if that cable snapped!

It's a long way down...

Looking down the skip track all the way from deck 5...

Dusk or dawn? I can't tell. Does it matter? I could barely tell night from day while I was there!

Wow that really was something else working there. Now I wonder if I really will go back in late August.