This bike and train trip I went on in March 2005 that basically circled NJ.

I noticed this place on my circle the Delaware Bay trip last summer. It has a funny name. huhhhh get it? I didn't take a picture then, so I decided to revisit it. I looked online and it turns out it's not an Inn like you stay in but it's a nice bar/restaurant. I drank a Pilsner Urquel which I did not enjoy and ate a delicious turkey sandwich. Also I tasted for the first time "New Jersey clam chowder" which is unlike both New England and Manhattan clam chowders in that it contains both polychlorinated biphenyls and depleted uranium. Also it has a deliciously herbed brown-beige slightly creamy broth kind of like my memories of Rhode Island clam chowder but perhaps creamier...

What really sucked was that I had looped all the way around Great Egg Harbor River valley and the bridge was out so I had to LOOP ALL THE WAY BACK AROUND to get where I was going...adding 2-3 hours to my trip! But I got to pass by this street again which I had, like the Tuckahoe Inn, previously noticed, but didn't actually take a picture until the second pass: I dunno, it just struck me funny.

This lake was beatiful too:

A couple days later I found myself in Garwood, NJ.

Work those nipples baby!

Saturday, March 19th, the 2nd anniversary of the Iraq Invasion:

My comrades

There was a small pocket of pro Iraq war protesters, who were completely surrounded by cops, and there was no way to get in to join them. What if I had wanted to dress up as the Grim Reaper and join in cheering on the current administration in its path to destroy the entire planet as quickly as possible? I would have been Shit Out Of Luck. I wonder how much they paid those guys. Still it was good entertainment to listen to anti war wisecrackers jeering them. Get a load of this pro war dude in the center. He looks like he's ready to start FOAMING AT THE MOUTH! Comedy gold!

As usual, and this is a Good Thing, the Missile Dick Chicks were present, and they even brought along ol' Dubya himself for the occasion!

Dubya waved presidentially to his diehard fans behind the cops as he and the Chicks pressed onward. hee hee!

This cop was kind of cute:

The event wasn't too huge, but there was a fair amount of people present:

I've never gotten drunk enough to say,
Go *be* somewhere else, human *being*! to anyone's face yet. Perhaps, one day, I shall.

This lovely woman really knows how to accessorize! She had my favorite bag of the day AND my favorite sunglasses!

'Best Costumes of the Day' had to go to these two; my friend suspects it's a couple.

Click and enlarge:

A little after 3 we set out for Mayor Bloomberg's house.

We marched down Park Avenue, and somewhere along the line there was a WEDDING! Imagine coming out of the church on your wedding right up into an anti war protest?

That in itself is some funny shit. They were cool about it too. They even started waving after a while.

I'll drink to that! Hell, I'll drink to anything!