Mermaid Parade 2007

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Once again, summer solstice time finds me at the Mermaid Parade at Coney Island. This is my third one. I decided to dress up this time, kind of an updated version of my 2002 costume, only brighter and greener. I suppose instead of a wetlands being I was seaweed.

I actually registered this time around and wrote on the paper I was a "drowning victim" but later I met a REAL drowning victim and decided I wasn't one.
The NYPD Segway unit was even there for the occasion.
Click on that picture to the if you squint really hard, you can even see POLICE emblazoned across the backs of the Segways. Unfortunately, my camera was set in low res mode for the first 8 or so pictures so I can't crop it out and display it larger.
These two came up and snapped a picture before I was even done turning green! So I got one of them too. Touche! I even got the sneaky guy in back, who probably thought he was going to get away scot free. ha HA! Pretty soon after, I was completely wicked witch of the west green.

First Really Weird Scene of the day! Well, first one I was inspired to photograph anyway.

Possibly this green guy had the giantest penis of the entire parade.

Rollerbladers: They're everywhere...even here!

Come to think of it, I haven't seen as many rollerbladers recently..probably because I've been living so far from civilzation, where the only kind of culture is agriculture.

Elvis even showed up this year.

King Poseidon & family. I think I noticed at least 3 Kings Poseidon..2 with families.

This could be the new quarter design for the first underwater state! Louisiana maybe? Unless we get the dreaded east coast tsunami. In that case it could be New Jersey.

A mermaid on a cell phone always makes for a good picture. I try to get at least one every time I go. I asked her if she gets a good signal under water...she said she gets electrocuted. She seems to have survived it pretty well though.

Classic mermaid style dresses...hard to run in, but are they any easier to swim in?

I always thought cats didn't like the water. This feline was one of a largish contingent of kitties.

Looks like I ran into Giant Penis Man again. Still not sure what the white rectangle is for though. Commentary on all the photographing going on perhaps?

I always figured mermaids just peed in the ocean. Obviously not so here.

Crustaceans! Always good to see a splash of red in the mix. *snap*

Arr matey! Pirates! Possibly more pirates than the other 2 times I was here...put together!

It's always good to see FSM represented, even if I didn't see any of the pirates giving away toys to children.

Poseidon and family, version 2.0

The Cyclone is still here! Would you believe "they" are planning on tearing down Astroland and building CONDOS as early as within one year? Isn't that the stupidest thing you ever heard? Maybe this was the last Mermaid Parade I will attend, ever.

Devil Girl. There were a lot of demons out and about this year.

I LOVE the dragon head top! VERY sex-ay! The beard on the other one kind of freaks me out a little though.

Maybe...she had something to do with the pirates.

Milling about all the people getting ready, I didn't really get to know everyone's story. Like why is her tongue BLUE?

Before I got there, I was thinking it would be funny to go as a fish headed human bodied "maid-mer". Sure enough, somebody actually DID IT!

Maybe one of these years I'll get it together to lounge around on a mobile lounge for the parade.

mew! Cuties! I like how much the Topless are represented here at the Mermaid Parade. Maybe next time I will come Topless too.

STILL LOOKING GOOD! Notice how much she is enjoying all the attention.. I like that.

Best Lobster Lady of the day.

I should include a shot or two for those of you who prefer to look at men, shouldn't I?


I don't know, Evil Ronald might have been my favorite costume of the whole day.

Then I ran into this Very Tall Girl. Conveniently enough, my face was right where...I took this picture from!

There are a few pics of these three in the mix. It seemed everyone and their mother wanted a shot of them. The orange one ruined one of my pictures though. I was taking a shot of the other two from below and to their right when she placed her orange arm across my field of vision! How petty! Does she really need to be in EVERY PICTURE??? It wasn't completely blocking the shot but still my camera decided to focus on her arm. I didn't include that picture here. I'm sure orange girl would be pleased to know that.

Another one who story I never got. Too bad, she's a cutie too.

Doc OC?

Blue seems more of a mermaid color. Maybe I should go with blue next time.

I never suspected I would meet THIS mermaid here!

Bored of waiting for my number to come up (yes I actually REGISTERED this time, a $10 mistake really), I asked these two what they do if you go in the parade out of order? throw you back in the ocean? They weren't sure, but they did let me take their picture.

BEST DEMONESS OF ALL! She actually had liquid blood dripping from her mouth! AND skeeery black HORNS! Come to think of it, I liked her costume even better than Evil Ronald.

I thought she was with the previous demoness, but apparently not so. I had a bad shot of her so I had to chase her down for this one. Nice goggles!

I think the middle one is looking at me....
but the one to the right is the best looking AND has the best hat.

Well I did say they were going to come up again.

Speaking of orange, when these orange haired trolls stood next to the orange octopus, there was so much orange I couldn't help but take a picture.

Cute couple! I like the scales.

haha I recall she thought I was leaving her face OUT OF THE PICTURE! She was kind of pissed off about it until some dude ran up and snapped an OBVIOUS chest only shot! Then she was pissed at him instead. ahh! off the hook I was! I didn't notice that kind of tittie abuse happening to anyone else. She seemed to be having kind of a bad day over it. I hope she feels better now.

the Very Tall Girl, LOOMING OVER EVERYONE! I kind of liked the Very Tall Girl.

She was really easy to find: Just look up! But then she fell, TWICE, and one of her stilts broke! :o Next time she needs to get rubber ends for her stilts before walking on the boardwalk..

As soon as I saw this guy, I KNEW there had to be a picture of him.

Since we were hanging out for a while, I had to get a non tall shot of the artist formerly known as Very Tall Girl, now that she wasn't even as tall as me. Just lovely! I wished I could have hung out with her for longer. I think I was holding her other stilt at this point. It was like a shoe on a stick, a shoe scepter. SHOE POWER! Oh she had a name for me too. What was it? MR. KELP.

Sea Horse bicycles! I suppose bicycles aren't allowed in the boardwalk part of the parade.

Very Tall Girl and I were having trouble getting service on our phones. Maybe we should have tried UNDER WATER? Anyway we returned to the boardwalk where this guy was singing with a really well-made puppet! When he saw me taking a picture he quickly hid behind the puppet...

Not having eaten ALL DAY, I was hungry enough not to say no to FUNNEL CAKE when offered! Needless to say, I was dusted with powdered sugar immediately afterward.

Well. There you have it. The 2007 Mermaid Parade as seen through my camera. Maybe next time I will wear antennae, and go as a different color than green. or maybe go as a sea horse. or a puffer fish. or...a SNOWMAN! haha yes that's it. a snowman! Maybe I can work in being a melting snowman somehow. Perhaps I can even make it as early as next year.

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