One of the first things I did when I got to Minneapolis was head to the I-35-W bridge collapse site I had heard so much about.

They had done a good job of keeping everybody away from the site or even from getting a clear view from a distance! I guess they thought: out of sight, out of mind.

You could see it a little bit from the footbridge...

Someone told me the best view was from the Guthrie art center. The view *was* slightly better than from the foot bridge, and I wound up taking more pics from up on their balcony.

This one was the other diection, away from the collapsed bridge...

Later I enjoyed a few at the Chatterbox Pub a little south of downtown. They make a Sake based bloody mary! It sounds great, but for some reason they "salt" the rim of the glass with Mrs Dash! I should tell them to skip that step next time...

Nothing to get your mind off your Mrs-Dash flavored bloody mary than an explicitly homoerotic lunchbox though! Click the picture for a closeup. I suppose if you took this to your job out on a remote oil rig somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico it could lead to some "interesting" times.

DARTHMOUTH: This name would be better for a Vader-helmet-shaped building like Legion of Doom headquarters, I think.

This place was right near where I was staying. As I returned, I felt I had to go in and have a couple beers.

They had some pretty good food too, I recall, not that I remember all of what I ate. One thing I did try was their deep fried snickers bar. I had one of those before, in Columbus OH, but I vomited, probably because I was wasted when I ate it. This time, however, the sweet deep fried treat remained inside of me.

I love the classy bathromm signage too. I think I may come back to this place one of these days when I am in Minne again.

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