Just after I crossed back over the border from Canada, I turned on my phone. My sister had left me a message inviting me back to Connecticut for "the Muster", which is a convergence of fife and drum corps from all over the northeast US which just so happens to happen every year in her town. I had never heard of this til right then.

The night before was a pre parade fest in the park. Lots of drummers with revolutionary war era style drums were drumming up a storm. Lots of drunk 20 year olds. It seemed like a good place to get into a fight. One drunken 20 year old who couldn't find her brother attached herself to me for a while but then ditched me when she discovered I didn't have a drum! Afterward I went back and got very drunk with my sisters. Next day I braved a massive hangover to take these pictures.

These people came all the way from the state of New York! I met some people who came from as far away as Virginia but I didn't get a picture of their parade squad.

These guys had a prisoner. They kept throwing him on the street and kicking him around. No word on what he did to deserve such harsh treatment.

There was even a really really LOUD cannon in the parade. I mean frickin LOUD!! Especially for during a bad hangover.

Come to think of it, flintlock rifles aren't much quieter.

That would be funny if they had a 'Rime of the Ancient Mariner' influenced getup. Maybe an albatross tied around someone's neck? or Pink Floyd 'Echoes' played on fifes? But this was not to be.

This one girl caught my eye. Just something about her. I followed along a little bit to get a few pictures.

all in all, it was a nice couple of days to be in Connecticut. Maybe next time I won't be so hung over...

next stop: Delaware

road trip 2007

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