Then I did a loop of New England. I stopped in Nashua, NH, went to Bar Harbor and then Augusta, ME (somehow I avoided taking any pictures in Maine), and then headed west to Vermont. These are primarily the Nashua pictures.

First thing, I went a little out of my way to photograph this intersection in East Hampton, CT, that intrigued me when I drove past with my sister but didn't have a camera on hand:

What an amazing concept! Are you young or just "old young"? How young IS Old Young anyway? Are you Old Young already in your late 20s, or does that not happen until you hit, say, 35?

And, here is where you may find a pretty corpse, if you're into that sort of thing:

In Nashua, NH I met up with another lj friend. We walked down to the river where there is an Irish restaurant/pub called the Peddler's Daughter. I refrained from making dumb bicyclist jokes, and had *real* shepherd's pie (it's got mutton instead of beef) for the first time! Also I recall they had a few good beers on tap. Harpoon IPA for one I think? Then, we had to brave this vicious dog on the way back! ;)

I always thought Jesus was supposed to be a carpenter by trade. Well, I guess it's never too late to change careers!

Speaking of Jesus, all the rest of the pictures I took in Nashua were of this church which stood out over the whole section of town. Maybe I'm a sucker for a nice patina of copper-rust. But just you wait: I still have yet to post the pictures from Montreal. That place comes up in a couple pages.

next stop: Vermont

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