Driving back from Colorado just before Thanksgiving 2006, I picked a route that took me through northern Nebraska. I had been through the Platte River basin on I-80 many times, the FLAT part of Nebraska, and I wanted to see what the northern part was like. It's much more like South Dakota than like Kansas. It was starting to actually get PRETTY so I stopped to grab some pictures.

What's this? It just so happens I stopped along the banks of the DISMAL RIVER!

Yep. it's the Dismal River all right. Kind of funny I stopped here.

Still, it's looks kind of pretty. Could be it's the right time of year to be here, or maybe this is one of the prettier spots amidst all the dismalness.

There was somebody else here too! I didn't meet him though. he seemed to be napping...maybe on a lunch break? Perhaps he was here waiting for his next victim, and I didn't seem a tasty enough morsel.

It sure is pretty here. Maybe if I stuck around it would start seeming really dismal. There are a lot of places like that, you know. Maybe every place is, even the best places, given enough time.

and then I pressed onward...