After my camera got stolen in New Orleans, I found online a Kmart which had a slightly better camera for only $109! So I rode the 45 minutes to an hour, as it turned out, to the Kmart the next town west which I believe was called Jefferson. Fortunately, I hadn't been taking a lot of pictures when I was there so I didn't lose *that* many pictures. Still, it sucked. Whatever. That night I found my way to the Whirling Dervish where I briefly met the stunning Ultraluxe. She was way too hung over to hang, so we agreed to meet the following night. As it turned out, *I* was way too hung over to hang then! Still I stuck around long enough to have a couple of pictures taken with her. I'm the beaten down looking guy on the right :P

I must have been mesmerized by something here. Or possibly trying not to be.

I need to remember not to try to smile while super hung over! Better off to try and look like I are serious. SERIOUSLY!

Conversely, Luxe has such a cute crooked smile. It makes me feel bad, as if I was being rude to actually have a hangover at the moment. *sigh* ... Someday I would like to go back for a do-over, MINUS the hangover ;)

On the other hand, she had a vicious hangover when I first met HER. :P

Here are her hands. Why is one hand bandana bandaged???? Is she cigarette burned? DOES SHE HAVE GANGRENE???? INQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW! But my mind was too hung over to be inquiring that night, so I still don't know.

Red lights are so much easier on an aching brain then white ones.

Ugh. Once the lights start to look like this, it's time to leave. Or put on your glasses. Since I don't have glasses, I decided to leave.

next stop: Florida

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