So then, I made it to New Jersey, where I ended up staying for most of a month.

One morning I went out to breakfast with Wooden Thomas and the lovely Anna. In Westfield NJ a building was getting remodeled? touched up? I don't know, but such attention to detail was paid that the manlift actually MATCHED the buildings!

The diner where we went is done up 50s style silver diner style, except it's a STOREFRONT! That's a little bit weird, but the food is good. Isn't that what it's all about really? Well, that and the company.

Then I went to Philly for a few days. S. Sniblet is storing her bike at a friend's house. In front of that house, an interesting sight presents itself: A block of wood suspended on a power line! Not to be outdone by humans throwing sneakers over phone wires, a tree has left a piece of itself dangling in midair!

You don't see this too much in Renville! A real city traffic jam!!!! I-676 meets I-95 in Philly:

This one was from the next day. We're bouncing all around here. Skipping days right and left. whatever. Nitro Joe and I went on a big loop bike ride from East Falls to Fishtown via Allegheny Ave and back via the West River Drive. At the edge of Fishtown and Kensington towers the amazing rusted Harbison's Dairy Bottle:

Back in NJ again. I was on yet another bike ride, this time with Wooden Thomas, when he pointed out this dumpster to me:

I included the blurry shot above for perspective. Now take a closer look: It's a knock-off Oscar the Grouch! hahahah! great! Looks like they mixed him with a mini sasquatch.

These next few are chronologically from right after I got back from the lake in New Jersey. I figured they belong here more so than on their own page.

That would be Snib and Chewey. Oh wait, you don't know Snib OR Chewey do you? Can you guess which one's which?

Ha Ha! All 3 of us! in ONE picture!!!

The last two are a Bnib and a Snib. Using logic, you may now deduce which one was Chewey!

A few times I stopped over at the fine establishment the Rocket Cat upon arrival in Philly. Usually this was when I got there at a weird time when everybody was asleep or at work and I had to wait a few hours before visiting. They have free wifi and an amazing 'rocket cat' sculpture out front:

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