Well. After I had gotten hustled out the door, and talked some more with Jay (but not Silent Bob), I decided to take my leave of the place. I found myself in the NYC pre-dawn. A mite bit chilly? Maybe. But I was on a bike so that sort of silliness could not bother me much. I decided to head for the docks on the south east edge of Manhattan Island. Lo and behold: a wondrous sight! Sunrise at the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges!

(at any time you may click any picture so see it at a better resolution and a ridiculously large size)

These reminded me of skeletons decaying in the water. It made me think somebody had sweated some LSD sweat on me at the party as there were various trippy circumstances throughout the evening which were not intense enough to be a real 'trip' but still it was like being on a tiny trace of LSD...anyway it still looks like skeletons in the picture today! Imagine that!

The intricacy of the metal webwork in the Brooklyn Bridge fascinates me...

I know I took a picture of a mostly destroyed, algae coated pier. I was looking forward to seeing it, maybe my most favorite shot of the evening/morning..but WHERE IS IT NOW! the camera didn't really take the picture. If my LCD was working I would've known and taken another snap..well isn't that just DUCKY!

Then I moseyed on over to one of NY's more recent tourist traps, Ground Zero. It was a very good time to get there, as there was literally NOBODY around. Seems pretty much all of south Manhattan is abandoned at such times...

This pipe is where all the shit in the World Trade Center used to go. Pretty amazing huh?

Next stop: Battery Park

Then I returned to the scene of the party. Pretty locked up! I wonder if Wooden Thoomas was still in there..he used to crash out in exchange for helping to clean up, back in the day. I wonder if he managed to avoid getting hustled out the door, kind of like I didn't. Here are some weird scenes from outside the gold mine.

Afterward I ate a delicious spinach and Feta cheese omelet at the Waverly (Waverly and 6th Ave), which I recommend. Every time I eat there I am happy with what I get. Waverly is right about where 7th St would be if it went through there. So basically it's at 7th and 6th. Then, I rode aimlessly around some more, drank coffee at least one more time, slept a little bit on a stoop, and got NIBS at Dean & Deluca's on Prince and Broadway when they opened at 10:00 sharp! But that's a whole other story.


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