RAGBRAI day 2 and 3

Geez I forget which town this is, but in a lot of the passthru towns you really have to get off your bike to avoid smashing into people. I wonder if I look all confused like some of these guys.

'Beautiful Women of RAGBRAI' would make a great page of its own, if I took enough pictures. Maybe. We'll see...

Ever seen one of those old WW2 posters that said "When you drive alone, you're driving with Hitler." Does that pertain to tandem recumbent bikes too??

Is this a water tower, or a coffee tower?

TRIPLE! This isn't the first one that I kept seeing, but indeed it is another TRIPLE DECKER bike!

I sure turned into one fat old geezer eh? On the other hand, it looks like the fatsuit I have been cursed with is beginning to deflate.

Several hours later, when it stopped raining, I stopped in a town and took some more pictures of interesting bikes.

PRAIRIE SCHOONER! This guy is all ready for a nice tailwind.

Next day, it stopped raining again for a little bit. MR PORK CHOP! Mr Pork Chop is somewhere along the route every day. I have yet to eat there, if only because eating 1 inch thick pork chops while in the middle of a 77 mile ride seems like a Very Bad Idea.

Here's someone enjoying his huge porkchop.


I needed to wait around for a phone call. Why not take gratuitous bicycling pictures? After all it is RAGBRAI!

Another RAGBRAI staple: PASTAFARI! These guys are like the Wall Drug of RAGBRAI. Every mile for 20 miles you pass a sign which tells you how many miles to go til Pastafari.

I hadn't eaten there yet either, since the line always looks so long. But I stopped to grab a few pics for posterity. Also, free watermelon was available.

When I actually saw how delicious the rasta pasta was looking, I decided I had to have some!

For the less vegetarian inclined, hot dogs and hamburgers were available, cooked by the farmer whose yard they were using that day. I understand the host farmer gets 1% of sales, and that turns out to be A LOT.

They even have a website! It looks like a squatted domain. Incidentally, mrporkchop.com is "under construction" too.

Welp. That's that, til next time.