Ribfest Day 2
Day 2 I ate at all the rest of the rib stands. I decided my favorite was "Big Boned" out of, I believe, Chattanooga TN. I thought I was going to take a lot of NOM NOM NOM pictures of people eating but somehow I wound up not taking any of those...

Back outside the 'fest, quad bike was pretty cool...

Scuze me, but you have an Octopus stuck to your head! ...she didn't think it was funny when I said that to her. She probably gets it all the time :)

A whole lotta cool bikes here. More pics coming up that I took the next day...

Then this bus pulled up the 2nd night and tents popped up like mushrooms. TEAM BUDWEISER! They even brought their own beer. Guess what kind?


I like this team name. It really hits home in a special way.

I went back in the rib fest and these girls from California were there taking pictures. So I turned the tables and took one of them! They didn't bike here though. I suspect they flew in.

This guy must have JUST SHAVED HIS HEAD THAT DAY cause he REALLY wanted me to take his picture.

It's all right to LOOK though is it not?

I really liked her shirt! And she was pretty nice to look at herself. I was a little afraid she wouldn't want her picture taken, but she was cool with it.

Right before the Bare Naked Ladies came on a muscle girl was throwing Mardi Gras beads into the audience. She was so strong one of them came right to me so I caught it. It has a Michelob Ultra Lite medallion on it, otherwise I would be wearing it today.

Bare Naked Ladies were actually a fun show. They have a fun sense of humor and they really seem to have a good time. I never really got into them as a radio band.