Late in the evening on December 15th, 2006, I landed in San Diego. After catching a bus into town, I discovered the place I had stayed at the last time I was here was being renovated into a luxury hotel. After 2 hours of wandering around looking for a cheap place, I found the less luxurious but still accomodating Golden West Hotel:

They hooked me up with a weekly rate which worked out to $20 a night. Not too shabby! Still, most of the other patrons were old men and crazy people on Social Security who lived there full time. It was kind of like being in a halfway house, except there was an Irish bar downstairs with a lame beer selection including STALE Guinness!!! But they had a delicious "Irish style" eggs benedict with corned beef instead of ham. I ate that for breakfast at least 3 times when I was there.

After 2 days I went to the Stone Brewery.