Here is the delicious meal of too much Mexican food we ate on Bainbridge Island...

Our lovely waitress!

Rolling with the theme of pictures of pretty women I do not know, here's a lovely girl in a book store! I asked for her picture reading a book. Kindly, she obliged.

Doggie didn't mind me snapping a shot either...

Uh oh. It's that Mt Rainier looming over us again. Isn't it funny that a huge mountain near Seattle is called "rainier" (as in "more rainy"). Too bad it's pronounced differently.

I think that's Mt Baker.

WOW that is one really cool building!

I suppose this is "old meets new".

Mmm-mmmm. That IS a tasty building.

Seattle Public Library

Conversely, the Seattle Public Library looks decidedly UNtasty, from the outside, anyway. Could a hard look knock this place over or what?

Inside, however, is a different story. It doesn't look like it's about to topple over once you've entered.

OMG what's this? The aorta?

This is some mad shit d00d. Too bad I don't do drugs. Any more :)

Ah yes. More photo subjects. I like photo subjects.

You know, I should make more of a habit of asking pretty strangers for their picture. I wasn't turned down often that day.

This subject found us a few minutes later to ask us a few questions...In the end, he recommended I take some pictures of a crazy psychedelic-hippie-era building near the Space Needle, but I never did get around to it.

Hey wait a minute! You're not a stranger!

a few more Seattle:

Hrrrmm...the undre eh? ok...

Cougar, the Cascades, misc Oregon

No. I didn't have the nerve to go ask naked people in the hot springs for their picture. Anyway, they were all MEN in there except for one girl in a bathing suit. I suppose if I wanted to be an ass, I could've waited around, but even then I was in kind of a hurry to get going. I had 24+ hours of driving to do you see, and not only that, I was confused and thought it was a day later than it was! Just a quick dip in the springs for me. Here are some shots of the waterfall where a girl died the first time I was there. She was climbing the cliff looking for crystals, fell down, and hit her head on a rock. They found her the day after I left; apparently she had been missing for a couple of days...Pretty falls though.


Used to be the parking lot was on the right side, but since I was here last, there was a little avalanche, and they moved it to the left.

Cougar reservoir! That is some COLD water in there.

I forget what this crazy pointy mountain is called. It's somewhere in the Cascades, east of Cougar hot springs. As you will soon see, I took its picture numerous times.

It looks like the mountain where the Grinch lives. Which way to Who-ville?

Here was out in the High Desert, east even from the Cascades. A deep gorge slices through. Many dogs have died here! Best leave puppy in the car!

North Dakota Badlands

Not as huge as the South Dakota badlands, but some say they are prettier. I haven't been to the South Dakota ones since I was 10, so I can't really compare. I had more fun there when I was 10 though. I got to CLIMB AROUND on them! I didn't do that here, just took pictures.

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