One of the times I went to New Hope to visit Audrey and she wasn't there, I cruised out to Bryn Athyn PA, where the Swedenborgian Cathedral is. Swedenborgianism is kind of a mystical take on Christianity. I never heard of it until I lived right near here in 1989 and my friend's daughter went to their church school.. Anyway, although I did take a few shots of the cathedral, the building "Glencairn" was more interesting to me that day, as will be obvious. It is part of the estate of the Pitcairn family. Dunno if they have anything to do with Pitcairn Island, or how they are related to the Pitcairn car dealerships, but I've heard someone still lives in there, although I've never seen anyone coming in or out. No one seems to mind if you hang out on the grounds either. I've been there quite a few times throughout the 90s.

First off, this would be Glencairn:

The extremely well-kept grounds:

And, the Cathedral:

This is the way into the courtyard:

The courtyard was always one of my favorite places at Glencairn.

Just before leaving, I found a nice huge Beetle. Seems to be a female stag beetle. Their mouthparts are a lot smaller than the huge mandibles of the male, but they can bite a lot harder. They are able to draw blood from an adult human!

When I got back to New Hope, Zach took my picture. Gotta love really bad pictures of me. The sad part is, in 20 years, I'm going to wish I still looked like that!

He took a shot of himself too. I didn't find it til after I left! Pretty sneaky haha. The last time I saw this guy, he was like 5. He used to look a lot more like me then. I thought I could be his father if I produced offspring with a year and a half gestation period. Now he looks a lot more like his mom. And the dad a little too.

next stop: Nashua, NH

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