After Maine, I headed west to Vermont to visit my uncle and my grandmother. And cousins! As it turns out the only pictures I took there were from when I drove up to Burlington for a couple of days.

This is actually the SECOND Ho-Hum Motel I've seen. The other one was in Ohio. Is this a new chain?????

While enjoying beer and wifi at the Vermont Pub and Brewery, I found myself mooned, or would "o-ringed" be more to the point, by an anatomically correct statue! I never knew male lions went into heat and stuck their butts in your face. Especially BRASS ones.

Lake Champlain. That's New York on the other side.

It seemed people were a little creeped out when I took a random picture of them walking by the lakeside. Weirdoes.

Lake Champlain...AGAIN!

At one point I dropped my camera and took a test picture of my shoe, a map, and my AMAZING HAT! Best test picture EVER!

next stop: Montreal

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