After a few days in Minneapolis/St. Paul, I found my way to the Minnesota state fair, where you can get anything on a stick. Well actually, I wanted a cup of coffee on a stick, but I couldn't find any. I did eat a dish of fried alligator (not on a stick) while I was there. There was ALL KINDS of shit there. ALL KINDS. Food, rides, machinery, even an art gallery (good stuff!), but I didn't remember I had my camera until I saw these monkish sheep in the animal exhibition:

What a strange thing! I wondered why these sheep were in cowls...

Then I saw THIS! They are NAKED sheep! For some reason this one looked really funny as it (she?) was getting shaved.

I saw a big fat couple walking around and I thought it would be funny to take pictures of them looking at pigs! But they didn't come around...still I snapped a few pig shots.

Then I saw my first-ever RODEO! I enjoyed it with 2 girls from Sweden. It was their first rodeo too. Probably the most all-American event I've ever attended. Conspicious displays of patriotism abounded!

I had just discovered the "sport" setting on my camera. Really it should be called the "shit" setting, since even after I messed with them in Photoshop, they still look kind of crappy. But still, I wouldn't want you to miss the rodeo pics!

My favorite part was when MONKEYS came out riding DOGS!

They were rounding up rams...

Then in the end they rounded them up onto the roof of a Dodge RAM! huhuhuhuhuh huh huh get it?

Then a tricky daredevil couple came out and did some horse tricks.

Pretty amazing stuff. I can hardly ride a horse sitting, let alone standing.

After a couple shots of this rodeo clown, I got tired of my camera being crappy, so I put it away.

I think later, he got into the barrel and a bull came out and nudged him around..

onward to Renville