almost Wisconsin, but still Illinois

Welcome to Harvard, home of MIlk Day!

It's good to know, someone, somewhere, celebrates Milk Day...

...and Sasquatches can get a decent burial.


I like waking up to mist on a cool summer morning.

Inevitable idyllic Wisconsin farmland shot...

Holy Smoke! Look at THESE!


Lake Mendota

UW Madison campus abuts the south shore of Lake Mendota.

Henry Vilas Zoo

There's a FREE ZOO here! With Lions and Giraffes and everything! And I thought the Philadelphia zoo was a good deal at $6.




In Madison I met another lj friend! Meet fierce313!

various Madison

Jay Farrar

Now that's one cool bike rack.

Taps at the Great Dane

Hey it's more of those ostriches! Or are they Rheas?

beer fest

First off, here is the line to get in. It took 30 minutes from the gate opening til I was inside.

Here is the line behind me as seen from near the gate.


A lady draped in HOPS!

A little classical music goes well with your beer...

The inevitable PEE LINE!

Oh ok I did get a picture of the Wisconsin State Capitol after all. See it's that dome across the lake...

In case you prefer bluegrass with your beer, they had that too!


These guys (Dragonmead) made my favorite beer of the day. It was their Belgian Tripel ale, "Final Absolution Tripel". It was my first beer of the day, and my last, the Alpha and the Omega. :9

Wisconsin River Valley

yayyy for obligatory ildyllic farmland shots!

Cave of the Mounds

I stopped to see Cave of the Mounds. It's a cave.

It's all right. Nothing special. No stalactite organ like in Luray Caverns or anything.

and it only goes down 70 FEET! What self respecting cave only goes down 70 feet?

I do like this shot though:


In Arena WI I met Kathy, who let me stay over her house for a couple of nights. She fed me AND bought me beer! How nice of her! Here she is:

Also, she took me to see some amazing sculptures, which soon started to look VERY FAMILIAR! hmmmm!

BIRDS, huh?

This one is in the Guiness book of World Records for being the heaviest scrap metal sculpture:

We found our way into the raw materials section of the place.

And again, back into the main show

This is Dr. Evermor, builder of all this amazing stuff, AND of those ostriches I kept finding!

The House on the Rock, from a distance. I did not go inside. Maybe next time. I understand Dr Evermor had a hand in making some of the displays inside.