Still in the Wisconsin River valley the day I left Kathy's. Many many pine trees bade me farewell!

OK here we go... the mighty Mississippi! Complete with boat. This is only half of it. There is a big island I traversed on the way into Iowa over 2 bridges.

This river is GIGANTIC, seeing as this is only half and the sea is untold miles away, probably quite a bit over 1000 miles downstream.

Buh huh huh look what site is on the computer! That cutie is Thalia, the daughter of misplacedmind and misenthrope, both of whom I met in RL and then we discovered we all have ljs. he heee!


I didn't get many pictures of Jesse from Cedar Rapids. This one is the only one that came out even half-assed. It was taken at our campsite at Together Again, that outdoor rave...and pretty soon after this, the drugs took hold.

I kept running into these two. Repeatedly! I even saw them the next morning, seperately. The one with the purple hair..that's NOT HER REAL HAIR! She came up to me with *black* hair the next day and I offered her fruit. She chose a banana. The other one I saw walking up a hill in the fresh morning light and she didn't seem to get it or understand when I *mewed* at her after she said 'hi'. Well ok.

This one I met early on. She seemed to be on something interesting. She was the cute skinny girl who was freaking out cause she thought some kid she found was lost. She actually said ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN... THIS IS IOWA! which I found hilarious. Then her top fell off and distracted me. I tried to help her get it back on when she couldn't, but she was having NONE OF THAT. hrrrrm...

These were the kind of roads we had to drive on to get there. Pretty cool huh?

mew mew cuuute kitten! Thalia really liked voguing in my cool glasses. Later they became scratched and one of the lenses popped out. Good thing they were only $3 disposable glasses! I replaced them with a $1 pair from a dollar store. Thalia really liked hangin out with me, and I liked hangin with her too.

OHO here we are in the Next Place already! This is the Iowa State Capitol in Des Moines.

The Des Moines River was really stinky that day. I didn't notice the stink when I crossed later though, a little upstream from here.

A couple of shots of the neat stained glass dome ceiling in the Des Moines library: