A couple of days after I arrived in SF, I caught a bus to Sacramento to visit some online friends and see the band Uberkunst play at a place called the Press Club.

I stepped off the bus and soon spotted Lisa and Shawn. Somehow Lisa didn't realize I had cut my hair so she didn't know to look for short-haired me. I walked up behing them and mewed, but they still did not notice! I was starting to become unsure they were really them, but then Lisa noticed me there and recognized me...

Lisa's hair was pret-ty red that day!

I realized I had never seen her smile before! She has a nice smile when she's not taking pictures of herself.
We all went out to have microbrewed beer inside a mall! This mall didn't get on my nerves as much as most malls do. And it was kind of nice to see how entrenched microbrewing is on the west coast, so much so that you can find a microbrewery in a MALL....or was it nice?? Anyway, if I remember correctly, the beer was pretty good and the food was yummy.

That night we went to see Uberkunst at the Press Club. Dire, the bass player, coincidentally had almost the same hair color as Lisa that night!
Uberkunst were very much a 'noise band', VERY raucous yet still held together by Dire's bass and one of the guitarists. Think marginally dressed people banging the hell out of trash cans, maybe some explosions (I hear there are usually explosions but not that night), entertaining costumes. All in all a good show!
Then came Butt Trumpet! Somebody decided to try and start a "mosh pit" and I had a broken clavicle so I got the hell out of Dodge. Eventually Butt Trumpet got NAKED (except for the lovely dark-haired girl and the drummer who were almost naked anyway) and got booted out before their set ended! I did not take any pictures of that cause i was not very close....but in retrospect it's more respectful of the band not to post their nudie shots on here so that if you want to see them naked you have to actually GO TO THEIR SHOW!



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