Then I returned to delicious SF and met Meenk and her husband, whose name I should remember but ..wait a's Mark isn't it?
We arranged to meet at a rather hard-to-find club called MEZZANINE on a street that a few people warned me was DANGEROUS!!11 but it didn't look *that* bad to me. I mean, I used to drive CABS in PHILLY. Granted, there were some cheesey characters lurking around, and I wouldn't pick that street to try and sleep on overnight or anything, but no one stole or bothered my bike, to my knowledge. After walking to their SF friend Brad's place, we returned to see Jamie Lydell's interesting D&B/R&B show. We parted ways after the show and separately searched for something to eat (unsuccessfully I might add - SF is not as much of a 'late-night town' as you'd think).
A day or two later I ventured out via bicycle to the touristy Fisherman's Wharf area where I snapped a couple of Alcatraz shots, and then onward to Telegraph Hill. On the way back to the Green Tortoise youth hostel, where I was staying, I grabbed a couple shots of the Transamerica Building from Columbus Ave.


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