This time I started out by going to the 'crookedest street in the world" which is one block of Lombard St. I had wanted a shot from telegraph Hill but it was too damn foggy, so I settled for pics onsite. One from the top, and one from the bottom. It was really not that pleasant to ride down, what with all those curves, but YAH BABY I DID IT!
Next place I stopped and snapped pictures was Chrissy Field, where there were neat shots to be had of the fog-shrouded Golden Gate Bridge.
Onward through the Presidio park took me to the Cliff House.
the Giant Camera is one of the reasons I came here. Look there it is! -->
I recently read a book where Hunter S Thompson was staying in a hotel room overlooking Seal Rock. Maybe the Cliff House used to be a hotel? Perhaps part of it is...At the time all I detected in the building was a fancy restaurant.
As luck would have it, the Giant Camera was closed for some reason.
This must be the spa the cliff house used to be known for! I climbed over, took a stroll around the area and through a tunnel.

Afterwards, I rode back through Golden Gate Park and took Haight St all the way back downtown.


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