I spent nearly a week in Dexter, Iowa, visiting my old friend Stosh and his family. Well nowadays everyone seems to call him 'Stan'. One day when I was there the town had a parade! I showed up and took pictures..

Yes that's right. They are hanging a flag from a CRANE.

Sure there are lots of people waiting, but where is the parade?

This is not *that* small of a town...is it?


There are lots of good looking people here, who are good to look at. And take pictures of...they seem to be wondering who is this weirdo taking pictures though. Hey this is all new to me! I have never been to a small town Iowa parade before!

AHA! Now we're cooking! There is one of Stan's step daughters, Jude, playing the trumpet!

...and his *other* step daughter, Michelle, carrying a flag. Is that the town flag of Dexter, Iowa? I never thought to ask...

Nice Truck! haha no that is not really the reason I took this picture:

SHRINERS! THEY'RE EVERYWHERE! and always driving around in those tiny little cars...

HA! here's a sneaked picture of both of Stan's daughters and his wife Amanda! Apparently I never got a shot of his son Jacob...

hmmm, who's THAT?

hey wait a minute..there's HORSES here.

HORSES! with purdy riders...

This is called the Roundhouse, probably because it's round. It's a historic community building. It wasn't open at the moment, so I didn't go inside.

I *believe* that's a storm cellar next to the Dexter Roundhouse.

This guy was not in the parade, but he should have been. Well, at least I didn't see him there. We passed "ANDY" driving toward Des Moines on the way to the airport.

And why were we going to the airport? Why, to FLY of course! Too see pictures from the flight, click here.