Then the needle got picked up off the record and dropped back down in western Colorado. I stayed at my mom's and her husband's house recuperating for another 3 weeks. One thing I discovered on the car ride was there are ARMADILLOS in Kansas! I saw some roadkilled ones, but none alive. I didn't take any pictures. Also, I was spirited across the "worst" of the mountain passes and the Continental Divide. It felt like cheating, but hey, I had at least 2 broken ribs and couldn't breathe too well.

HALLIBURTON is hiring! :o I wonder if they still have the $100,000 tax free year contract in Iraq. Probably they are hiring for oil fields around here.

F THIS ...and 1/2!

Why did Stephen King spell it 'Pet Sematary' anyway?

Grand Junction is located in the Grand Valley, a long, flat area sandwiched in between 2 long mountainous ridges. To the north is the 'Book Cliffs'. I don't know why they are called that. They don't look very booklike to me. This ridge is what I will bike over on the way out of here.

There is a particularly outstanding mountain on the book cliffs side. They call it Mount Garfield.

Interestingly, it doesn't look anything like Garfield to me. If you ask me it looks a lot more like Space Mountain.

One time I rode 20 miles east to the beginning of the valley, and took some Mt Garfield shots on the way.

To the south is the Colorado National Monument. The best time to take pictures of it is in the morning.

The monument has a road that goes over top of it. It climbs 2,000 feet in 4 miles. I rode it! Here are the pictures I took when I was up there.

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