The first night I slept in Kansas, I woke to some beatiful dewdrops on the blades of grass. I tried to capture them in a picture, and failed. But I did get a couple of cool predawn pictures out of the deal anyway.

Little did I know, the next night, on the full moon, I would get attacked and have my face smashed beyond recognition and be left for dead. I won't go into details here, but let's just say it was like being tortured by the CIA. Like a nightmare. Life as nightmare. People are nightmare. Beware: Your life, too, can turn into a complete hell without warning. Never trust life to stay good; it probably won't.

Anyway, I got out of the hospital after a few days. I stayed in a motel in Galena, KS. There was really not much there, so I would bike the 5 miles to Joplin, MO maybe about half the days to find something to do. Not much to do there either. I found myself actually saying out loud: 'What a shit hole!' on numerous occasions. It was basically 3 strip malls, which all surrounded this:

One day, while I was getting stitches out of my eye, I asked the doctor if he knew any good places to eat that weren't fast food or chains like 'Outback Steakhouse' etc, cause that's all I ever saw there. He clued me into this Barbeque place: Big R's!

The food was not bad, but the decor was a little unsettling. I liked this drowned fisherman, suspended upside down from the ceiling. He was good to eat to.

I like this juxtaposition:

Atom bombs, TV, and LSD were all discovered/invented around the same time. No mention of good ol cid here though. Maybe these dancing girls have a secret:

I used to wonder what demon king lived in this lavish mcmansion, right smack in between the twin shitholes of Galena and Joplin.

Meanwhile, back in Kansas, we have the forbidding nothingness of Galena:

I've never seen 'donuts' (doughnuts?) misspelled quite like this before:

I kept seeing these dispensers all over the place in rest rooms in Missouri and also Kansas. I figured I'd snap a shot before I went somewhere they weren't...

I did find one pretty spot in Galena, pretty enough to take a picture.

Also, they had a pretty ok Mexican restaurant there.

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