Eventually, I found myself in Okemos, Michigan, which is a little bit east from Lansing. Here I found a TUBA MUSEUM. It's also a restaurant which serves fancy beer.

There are Tubas EVERYWHERE and also French Horns. Are French Horns really some kind of mini helicon Tuba??? No one there had the answer and I still don't know.

This one was the biggest motherfuckin tuba in the place. It looks bigger in person.

All along I had actually planned on coming here to meet Esperanza, who used to work here. She convinced me to pose beneath the Majestic Monster with beer in hand. Yes that is me when I was 30 pounds heavier and with about 2-3 inches shorter hair than right now as of this typing. I have to continually change my appearance you see...

After that I *had* to take her picture! Here she is with coffee in mouth. I wonder if she also has changed her appearance by now. Not that she should or anything ;)

We only hung out for like a half hour, but it was a good half hour. If it weren't for her I probably would have never heard of this place.

It was almost 4 months ago, and I don't even remember her friend's name! ĦQue horrible! What a nice couple of people to meet in the twilight hours of the end of what probably will be my very last car-based road trip.

A marvelous place with great food and delicious beer. I'll make a point of stopping through again next time I go to south central Michigan.

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