After a quick stop through Chicago, I made my way to Madison, Wisconsin for the 2007 Great Taste of the Midwest. It's the 2nd largest beer festival in the USA. Unlike at the 2005 Great Taste, I only took pictures while I was waiting in line. There was a real pretty tree right near where I was standing you see.

I got there kind of early this time, so there were only these people ahead of me.

These poor suckers were all behind me:

Right behind me was this pretty girl who became my waiting in line buddy. She came from Chicago too! She's going to school here in Madison though. Her sister is married to one of the brewers at Goose Island brewery there. I didn't tell her I thought Goose Island beer is kind of mediocre at best. She's not really pregnant; she just looks that way because the wind is inflating her dress.

She thought she might be able to get us in early, but she was only able to get herself in early, and not even THAT early. Later I met her and her sister inside and she said she might as well have waited in line with me. She pointed out this one tent where there were all cask beers! Mega delicious! Unfortunately, that was the last I saw of her. Godspeed waiting in line buddy...

next stop: Minneapolis

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