After spending a few days in Albany, hangin with Bruce, waiting out the rain, I set out along the Mohawk River. After a few hours the bike trail ended and I was shunted onto the roadway. Presently, I found myself back in AMSTERDAM!!!

Amsterdam NY, unlilke its Dutch namesake, is kind of ghettofabulous. They even have Projects. I didn't take any pictures inside the town, perhaps because it didn't feel right to be bandying around a digital camera, though it's not like I felt particularly threatened or anything.

Pretty soon I had the Vandals song "Mohawk Town" stuck in my head. After all I *was* following the Mohawk River. This sure beat 3 solid days of "Kenya" from like before...anyway good thing I'm not a skinhead since, as if by magic, I happened upon:


Hours of beautiful central NY scenery along the Mohawk eventually became old-hat. I figured I'd take a shot for posterity before I didn't:

After spending the night in a lush, foresty area by a gurgling creek, I packed up my things and set out toward Utica NY. It was my intent to make the shores of Oneida Lake that night! Along the road to Utica I noticed this old broken down house begging for a picture:

It kind of made me wish I had made it that much further so I could have dared to stay the night inside...

Oho! after several more hours of pedaling, I caught my first glilmpse of...ONIEDA LAKE!

I continued along the entire south shore and discovered Lebowski's bar at the west end of the lake. Here I ate some truly delicious Buffalo Wings. The waitress bartender was really nice and as we shot the shit I learned that the owner is from Buffalo and he tries to imitate the classic style in his offerings. Next door to Lebowski's is this strange obelisk:

No one I asked knows what it was, or how long it has been there. I heard lots's ALWAYS been there as long as I can remember. Interesting....